Grand National Teams
District 3 Final
The 2022 District 3 GNT qualifiers will be starting on January the 15th, 2022. Conditions of Contest will be published very shortly on D3's website. Play will be completely online, on the BBO platform. Registration and lineups are managed by The Common Game. Registration is already open (links below).

Registration fee: 60 USD per team per session. The registration platform does not accept partial payments (the captain will have to pay the whole fee). Some teams on the Championship Flight and Flight A might, in some circumstances, play only one session (more on this below), and therefore each team will pay only 60 USD at registration time.

Flights B and C are guaranteed to play two sessions, therefore each team needs to pay 120 USD at registration time.

Registration links:
Championship Flight -
Flight A -
Flight B -
Flight C -

Championship and Flight A - The main idea is to play on Saturday, Jan 15th, to reduce the field on each flight to 2 teams. The finals will then be played on Sunday the 16th. The format on Saturday is dependent on participation and will be decided and announced after registration closes (round-robin, KO, or swiss).
Flights B and C - Each of these will play two sessions, round-robin or swiss depending on the number of entries.

For round-robins or swiss formats, scoring will be done on the continuous 0-20 VP scale.

Even if a team has only 4 elements, the captain will have to lineup his team for each match (indicate who plays in which seats) in order for the tournament directors to start the matches on BBO.

The players scheduled to play will need to be online on BBO a few minutes before the start of each match. There is no 'registration' on BBO (the team matches do not appear before the start). There is also no 'invite' (at game time, players are automatically placed at the positions designated by the captain).

For the Championship and A flights finals, players will need to be on Zoom calls with their 'screenmates' (North and East, South and West at each table). Those calls will be managed by the tournament directors, the players will just need to follow a link that will be given to them (and, of course, have a device capable of handling Zoom). No such provision for flights B and C.

Rui Marques ( is the Director in charge of the event, and will communicate frequently and extensively with captains and players to ensure a smooth and enjoyable tournament for everybody. On Friday, Jan 14th, captains should expect an email with their flight's format, lineup explanation, and any other relevant information.
Please direct any questions related to running this event to the DiC.

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