"This 'n That" from the District Director
and Letters from Members
New LM Pays Tribute to TeacherJulie Grossman, July, 2020
Life Master Achievement Was a Partnership JourneyDan Cooperberg, July, 2020
Like mother, like daughter - a new Junior Life Master.Maria Arnett, July, 2020
It is the journey that counts says new Regional Master.Joe Jiuliano, June, 2020
Bridge brought me joy, confidence, and friendship. New Gold LM.Jason Ji, June, 2020
NABC Master and Playing it SafeDeb Shelkowitz, May, 2020
Message from District 3 DirectorCarlos Muñoz, March, 2020
Regional Master. A Bridge partnership is like a dance pairDom Mancini, February, 2020
Junior Master Now. Started playing 60 years ago...John Templin, August, 2017
Becoming an Emerald LM. Playing at Highest LevelsJeff Aker, August, 2017
A Sectional Master Now. My Life in BridgeSteve Highfill, August, 2017
Becoming a Life Master and a Bronze LM tooBette Eberson, August, 2017
Regional Master: My StoryPravin Shah, July, 2017
Becoming an Emerald Life MasterSatya Pabuwal, July, 2017
Finally a Regional Master. Bridge Forever!Peggy Theiss, July, 2017
Taking on Duplicate at 95Marcia Teschner, July, 2017
Crossing to Ruby LM with a GNT Win in AllendaleRick Rosenthal, July, 2017
Obsessed with BridgeJim Reed, June, 2017
Life Master. How I achieved this milestoneDominick D'Ascoli, June, 2017
Playing Bridge since the age of 17Paul Douglas, June, 2017
Message from District 3 DirectorCarlos Muñoz, June, 2017
New Junior Master. Bridge Life in 55+ CommunityRichard Levy, June, 2017
Sapphire LM Now. Life Master at 19!D Alan (Zeke) Collins, May, 2017
Becoming a Life Master at BridgeSherry Lieb, April, 2020
Message from District 3 DirectorCarlos Muñoz, March, 2017
My Brief Bridge StoryChorng-hour Yang, March, 2017
I am looking forward to earning higher ranks quicklyFred Shubert, January, 2017
Life Master Now. Knew only GW Bridge BeforeJagdish Mody, January, 2017

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