"This 'n That" from the District Director
and Letters from Members
Message from Region 3 DirectorJoann Glasson, June 2024
Message from Region 3 DirectorJoann Glasson, May 2024
New Gold LM story, long but worth reading.William Golush, April 2024
Message from Region 3 DirectorJoann Glasson, April 2024
New Gold LM is looking for a pair for GNTs. Read why?Roy Caldwell, March 2024
Message from Region 3 DirectorJoann Glasson, March 2024
Message from Region 3 DirectorJoann Glasson, February 2024
Tribute to Carlos MuñozJoann Glasson, January 2024
New Silver Life Master Learned to Play at 60.Barbara Eisner, January 2024
New Club Master Gives Credit to the ACBL.Subhash Sindhwani, January 2024
Message from Region 3 DirectorJoann Glasson, January 2024
New Ruby LM started playing in college.Steven Siegel, July 2022
From parents and grandparents laps to a laptop. New Bronze LM's way...Steven Highfill, February 2022
Message from District 3 DirectorCarlos Muñoz, November 2021
New Life Master (and Bronze too) started playing in collegeGlenn Salka, August 2021
Bridge from the First DateJanet Davies, August 2021
New NABC Master would like to see more Regionals online.Joe Szulczewski, August 2021
New NABC Master credits the technology for his coming back to bridge playing world.Ranjan Dutta, July 2021
"Thank You Bridge" sums up the story of new Ruby Life Master.Michael Hewlett, July 2021
New Sectional Master would love to play in person and to have a steady partner.Gail Connolly, June 2021
New Regional Master got there the year he turned 100 years old!Joseph Miranda, June 2021
Couple achieves Silver LM Status 49 years after embarking on the road...Karen and Ron Cane, May 2021
"Patience, Persistence, & Enjoying the Ride" - new Ruby LM titles her storyPeggy Casey Fitzpatrick, April 2021
New Silver LM says "Partnership is the Key"Fred Shubert, April 2021
Player becomes Life Master one month after his partnerThomas Levanduski, April 2021
New Diamond LM is passionate about youth bridgeBarbara Clark, April 2021
Message from District 3 DirectorCarlos Muñoz, March 2021
Thanks from new ACBL Ruby Life MasterAlice Neild, March 2021
New Club Master taught her very young sons to play bridge.Judy Halstead, March 2021
New Sapphire Life Master recalls playing teams with our Director!Arlene Duboff, March 2021
The pandemic suddenly made it easier to play - says new Sapphire LMRuth Zowader, February 2021
I discovered that learning to play Bridge was like learning a new language.Barbara Worms, February 2021
Iceland was where our real bridge fun began! New ACBL Club Master.Karen Ikeda, February 2021
New Ruby LM played the game since the 1960'sSid Friedenberg, December 2020
New Gold Life Master shares his wisdomChorng-hour Yang, December 2020
Their Sixty Year Road to Life MasterRobert Willig, December 2020
New NABC Master played since HS, played in UK and Spain, back in US plays over InternetKaren Sloan, December 2020
New NABC Master played bridge since HS, competitively since she retired.Sue Marcus, December 2020
New Ruby LM after 55 year journeyJames Michaelis, November 2020
New Bronze LM enjoys bridge and her familyJustine Cook, November 2020
New Junior Master started playing bridge competitively in 1955!Marty Cohen, October 2020
New Bronze LM learned to play bridge in 1956Susan Radner, October 2020
New NABC Master progresses in ranks according to his Birthday PlanJohn Templin, September 2020
She became an NABC Master playing in Gold Rush PairsBarbara Cuiffo, September 2020
Joined ACBL 30 years ago - Life Master todaySampat (Sam) Singhvi, September 2020
From watching bridge from his dad's knee to Club Master!David Seelenfreund, September 2020
Full time job, work on PhD didn't prevent him from becoming a Junor MasterHarrison Rusin, September 2020
"A timeless game indeed" for a new Life masterGreg Warden, September 2020
New Platinium LM never won any masterpoints online before MarchAbraham Pineles, September 2020
"what would I do without bridge!!" says new Ruby Life MasterEstelle Johnston, August 2020
New Junior Master - never set foot in an actual bridge clubKaren, August 2020
New LM Pays Tribute to TeacherJulie Grossman, July 2020
Life Master Achievement Was a Partnership JourneyDan Cooperberg, July 2020
Like mother, like daughter - a new Junior Life Master.Maria Arnett, July 2020
It is the journey that counts says new Regional Master.Joe Jiuliano, June 2020
Bridge brought me joy, confidence, and friendship. New Gold LM.Jason Ji, June 2020
NABC Master and Playing it SafeDeb Shelkowitz, May 2020
Message from District 3 DirectorCarlos Muñoz, March 2020
Regional Master. A Bridge partnership is like a dance pairDom Mancini, February 2020
Junior Master Now. Started playing 60 years ago...John Templin, August 2017
Becoming an Emerald LM. Playing at Highest LevelsJeff Aker, August 2017
A Sectional Master Now. My Life in BridgeSteve Highfill, August 2017
Becoming a Life Master and a Bronze LM tooBette Eberson, August 2017
Regional Master: My StoryPravin Shah, July 2017
Becoming an Emerald Life MasterSatya Pabuwal, July 2017
Finally a Regional Master. Bridge Forever!Peggy Theiss, July 2017
Taking on Duplicate at 95Marcia Teschner, July 2017
Crossing to Ruby LM with a GNT Win in AllendaleRick Rosenthal, July 2017
Obsessed with BridgeJim Reed, June 2017
Life Master. How I achieved this milestoneDominick D'Ascoli, June 2017
Playing Bridge since the age of 17Paul Douglas, June 2017
Message from District 3 DirectorCarlos Muñoz, June 2017
New Junior Master. Bridge Life in 55+ CommunityRichard Levy, June 2017
Sapphire LM Now. Life Master at 19!D Alan (Zeke) Collins, May 2017
Becoming a Life Master at BridgeSherry Lieb, April 2020
Message from District 3 DirectorCarlos Muñoz, March 2017
My Brief Bridge StoryChorng-hour Yang, March 2017
I am looking forward to earning higher ranks quicklyFred Shubert, January 2017
Life Master Now. Knew only GW Bridge BeforeJagdish Mody, January 2017

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