Letter from a Player

Life Master Now. Knew only GW Bridge Before
January, 2017
By Jagdish Mody

Thank you, Carlos.

After I retired in 2011, I could not decide on an appropriate activity to spare my time. One of my relatives suggested to try at the game of Bridge (I only knew George Washington Bridge, not the card game).

As I hate, Golf and watching TV, I saw no harm to do that. I joined ACBL and started to understand the vocabulary and mechanics of the game from the online lessons provided by ACBL for the beginners.

But then, unless you really hold 13 cards and play, lessons can only do so much.

Guess what ? Nobody wanted to play with me in any sanctioned duplicate game, as I had no master points ( at the time I did not know what that was ).

My first opportunity came at the game in Freehold, NJ. I started playing with one other beginner. Since then I have not looked back. Right now I am probably an advanced player.

Unfortunately, World Travelling is my first passion, so I play only once or twice a week, about 8 months in a year.

Winning District 3 Swiss in 2014 helped me to go to Las Vegas, where I got 34 gold in three days, which really helped to get my Life Master. I am in the new system and is tough to attain the title.

I enjoy bridge and it is the cheapest three hour entertainment. I feel very fortunate to learn Bridge.

I thank ACBL and District 3, for doing such a wonderful job.

I wish there were more clubs in NJ so I would not have to drive so much.



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