Message from the Regional Director
June, 2017
By Carlos Muñoz

Breaking News: The ACBL Board has selected a new CEO, Bahar Gidwani of New York City. He comes to us after more than 30 years of business experience as founder and manager of technology–based companies, and already has presented to the Board a number of ideas for potential focus on development and growth in the future. He has an educational background in astronomy and physics as an undergraduate and went on to become a Baker Scholar at Harvard Business School. He will be relocating to the Horn Lake area with his wife, who is a doctor involved in cancer research. Bahar starts work July 1 and will be on hand in Toronto.

In other news, our final Norma Shelley Saratoga tournament is underway with some lagging attendance so far. We are experimenting with online daily bulletins which, after a spotty start, seem to be working well now. We are looking forward to the same tournament in Albany next year at the Albany Hilton, a pleasant, easily accessed and recently renovated site located in downtown Albany convenient to many restaurants with free parking for bridge players with or without rooms. Our Danbury tournament remains in question after 2018 and your District Board is investigating alternatives. We hope you will plan ahead for the Joan Gerard Tarrytown regional this coming January, as we will need higher attendance in order to continue at that venue.

The ACBL Board continues to focus on tournament attendance, membership growth and club services, and I am hoping we can accelerate technology improvements, including ACBL score as our new CEO is able to focus on that and other issues. The Toronto board meetings promise to be active and important to our future. Stay tuned.

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