Letter from a Player

Life Master. How I achieved this milestone
June, 2017
By Dominick D'Ascoli

Hello Carlos,

Thank you for the congratulations on obtaining Life Master. As per your request, below is my story on how I achieved this milestone to be shared as you see fit.

In 2002 I bought the book Bridge for Dummies and the computer program Omar Sharif Bridge. With these two products I learned the basics of playing bridge. I played for a year at a local bridge club with my Uncle. Then in 2003 I had my second child and stopped playing due to time constraints. Eight years later in mid–2011 I returned to the game and had to relearn how to play.

In 2012 I began really studying the game. Since that time I have read a lot of books about various aspects of the game (bidding, play of the hand, defense). I continue to use a bridge software program for practice when I am not playing at the club.

I invest a lot of time with my regular partners discussing bidding situations and conventions. By doing so, we have a good understanding of what each other’s bids mean. This helps minimize bidding misunderstandings. It is also invaluable in deciding what to do during competitive auctions.

For those aspiring to obtain the Life Master rank, my advice is to not overly focus on trying to win masterpoints. Instead focus on improving your skill in all phases of the game. As your skill improves, masterpoints will follow.

Thanks again,


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