Letter from a Player

A Sectional Master Now. My Life in Bridge

August, 2017
By Steve Highfill

Hi Carlos – thanks for the email.  My life in bridge:

I am 62 years old and have been playing bridge almost that long as my parents, grandparents, aunt, and uncle would play at family gatherings.  They would sit my brother, sister, and me on their knees to let us play a hand or two before shooing us off to bed.  Since then I’ve played casually throughout my life with family and at work.  

Lunch bridge at work is where I started playing with my now regular partner, Joe Wright.  After Joe retired, I agreed to try out duplicate play with him. We’ve played at the Glen Rock Bridge Center and in local tournaments on weekends for the past couple of years. Joe is a great partner and we treat the games as learning experiences and try to have fun.  We’ve slowly expanded on our convention card but when we have successes or failures it is usually due to bridge judgement and not because of, or lack of, a special convention.

Even though I’m new to duplicate I’ve enjoyed the Bridge Bulletin for a long time. I especially like the ‘It’s Your Call’ feature each month as the expert opinions stress judgement over system.

Thanks again for your email.

Best regards,


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