Letter from a Player

Junior Master Now. Started playing 60 years ago...
August, 2017
By John Templin

I started playing bridge almost 60 years ago as a new college student at RPI in Troy, NY.  After college I did not play for 50 years.  After helping raise 6 children golf became my go to game.  I did read the bridge column in my newspaper.

A couple of years ago I started to play social rubber bridge with friends including by golf partner.  I found that I enjoyed playing bridge even though I did not know the new bidding techniques such as needing a 5 card major to open in that suit.  I then met a lady in Williamsburg, VA who had a copy of the Bridge Bulletin on her coffee table.  I scanned it and found it very interesting.  She told me about her playing and her percent scores.  I had no idea regarding percentages but became interested.

In March I went on line and found that there is a Friday afternoon game 2 miles from my home.  So I joined the ACBL and went to my first game.  The Director – Terry Bentley was wonderful and she encouraged me to play in the Saratoga Regional in June.  She paired me and I was able to get master points on 3 of 4 days including my introduction to team play.  By July I had achieved Junior Master status.  I now try to play at least twice a week.  I do not have a full time partner but have enjoyed playing with several local partners.  At age 77 I have found a new passion.

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