Letter from a Player

NABC Master and Playing it Safe
May, 2020
By Deb Shelkowitz

When I first retired from the NYC school system, I signed up for bridge lessons at the Essex bridge club. My hope was to learn something new... little did I anticipate that bridge would eventually take on such a large role in my life. I have made wonderful friends along the way and shared successes, losses and lots of laughs with them. And yes, I have even earned points.

At this time, bridge still has a role in my life. I am playing social bridge on BBO several times a week, and playing in Alliance Club events also. Last weekend I had the fun of playing in the regional, from my own kitchen table in my new lucky PJs.

I hope, that as the ACBL looks to the near future, or maybe far future, they sanction more regional games, and also develop some sectional games where silver points can be earned.

Without a successful vaccination program, I don't anticipate playing at a local bridge club, and I think many of my friends share my concerns...

Stay safe,

Deb Shelkowitz

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