Letter from a Player

Bridge brought me joy, confidence, and friendship. New Gold LM.
June, 2020
By Jason Ji

My first lesson of Bridge concept was from my father when I was under 10. He was a student from an American University in China in the end of 1940s (the only American university in China at that time), and learned Bridge there. He wanted to share his pleasure with me. I had played a few tournaments in college, but didn't have any chances at a later time until about 20+ years ago when meeting with some Bridge friends in NJ. Since then, I couldn't stop playing, in the several local private clubs, at ACBL sectional/regional, on BBO daily, and now I'm enjoying competing against those world's top players on NABC+.

Like other Bridge players, I thought I was an expert 20 years ago when I resumed playing. Because of my math background (my major and my teaching experience), I thought Bridge was just another type of mathematical puzzle, won't be difficult for me. Boy was I wrong! The more I learned, the more I could notice my own weaknesses. I then realized that I was actually moving up to the next level on every of that moment. In some years, I contributed almost all my spare time to Bridge, having now read hundreds books on the subject, practicing almost daily, and hosting a local private Bridge club over the past 10 years.

I was very fortunate to meet those Bridge friends who were experts when I was a novice (some being national level players at that time). While some never give up partnership with me to this very day, others directed me to a professional path so that I could learn and improve correctly and quickly. Those are the ones who have brought me to my current level, and I pay homage and honor those friends with this title GLM. Today, they are still around me, as Bridge partners, Bridge opponents, but more importantly as friends with common interests.

If someone were to ask me how Bridge has influenced me in life, my answer would be one: it has brought me joy, confidence, and friendship – feelings that will continue through the rest of my life.

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