Letter from a Player

Life Master Achievement Was a Partnership Journey
July, 2020
By Dan Cooperberg

Dear Mr. Munoz

Thank you for the notification and your congratulations on my achieving Life Master Status.

It took some time but it was enjoyable due to the wonderful partners I have played with.

I would like to share with you some thoughts on my journey to this status.

" I resumed playing bridge about 10 years ago after the death of my wife Eleanor of 44 years from cancer. I started playing with a colleague at a local bridge club. The bridge club (Essex Bridge Center) was a great resource in helping me to learn and understand duplicate Bridge and providing a wonderful atmosphere to play and meet new people. After resuming bridge I was subsequently introduced to a wonderful woman through dear friends of mine and hers. This beautiful person ( Kathy Galanty) became my partner in Bridge but more importantly my partner in Life. We were together for the next 8 years, until cancer took my dear Kathy. During our time together we played in regional tournaments in both the NYC area and subsequently in the Philadelphia area. We also moved to an Active Adult community in Central New Jersey where we played at local clubs as well as a club within the community. The club environment was again a friendly environment with a lot of social interaction and friendship. The club setting allowed me to play with some wonderful people after Kathy's death. With their assistance, (especially Joanne and Gordon) I was able to reach my latest bridge milestone. I could not have attained this milestone without the friendship and support of all my playing partners. Thank you to all of them."


Dan Cooperberg

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