Letter from a Player

New LM Pays Tribute to Teacher
July, 2020
By Julie Grossman

I owe my love of bridge to my teacher Joann Glasson. She has a way of teaching the game, that makes you feel excited about the game, and gives you the confidence you can handle any hand presented. Yet after each day of playing at our bridge club ...I would say "wow I never saw hands like these before??!!" So I continued to take lessons to try to learn what I thought were the missing pieces.

Now after 4+years of earning points, here is the recipe for my success.....FIND A GREAT TEACHER, PLAY A LOT OF BRIDGE, ENJOY THE RIDE (it's not always smooth and easy).

In fact if there is one lesson I have gotten from this that Joann did not teach, it would be...."The more I learn about bridge, the more I realize I do not know." So my learning will continue. Which is fine because I certainly have the time!!!

In short it is a gift that I have for life. I can play in any weather, any time of day ,and now that we are confined to being socially distanced, I can play safely online 24/7. What could be better??

Julie Grossman

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