Letter from a Player

New NABC Master progresses in ranks according to his Birthday Plan
September, 2020
By John Templin

Thank you. I joined the ACBL in March of 2017 at age 76. I enjoyed the competition and by May 2019 I reached the 100 point level while playing in a sectional in Poughkeepsie. I was fortunate to win and receive three small trophies. I set a goal of 200 points by my 80th birthday on 8/5/20. I reached the goal the day before my birthday. I needed some silver points for the new rank and won them in the online games in late August.

I enjoy playing online and have set a personal goal of 300 points by my 81st birthday on 8/5/21. I am well on my way breaking over 220 points yesterday. I enjoy playing both at the online Shelly Studio in Albany and the online Saratoga studio. That director – Terry Bentley has been my mentor and I appreciate the support she has given me and many others.

John Templin

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