Letter from a Player

New Ruby LM after 55 year journey

November, 2020
By James Michaelis

Dear Carlos, thank you for this honor. My bridge journey began at Yeshiva University over 55 years ago when I joined others playing bridge as a hobby. Oddly my school resisted my suggestion that they institute a special 5 year program with a major in bridge but only I would be the recipient of that degree. Obviously I am joking, but I was hooked. Marriage, children, and career slowed down my participation but 15 years later the fascination grew again. A friend, Bob Parisi taught me Precision. I played in clubs near my home where I met a few players who eventually became lifelong partners and fellow tournament attendees. Fifteen years ago I joined bridge partner Joann Van Delft as owner of a small Bridge Club in Ridgewood NJ . As we grew and thrived I learned that Bridge is not only about the talent, the competition, and the bids. It is equally about learning, socializing, community, discipline and friendship. Thank you partners Amal, Bob, Fred and Fred, and JoAnn for helping me achieve the Ruby goal. It is a pleasure that in COVID world online bridge provides some continuity for our former bridge World.

As for District 3, thank you for your support of our club, Ridgewood Bridge, for all these years. My only wish for change , and probably yours as well, would be a way to reach out to bring younger players into the game.

Thank you.

James Michaelis

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