Letter from a Player

New Ruby LM played the game since the 1960's

December, 2020
By Sid Friedenberg

I first started playing bridge in the 1960's and played about 15 years. When I remarried. my new wife didn't play so I stopped. But I maintained my membership in the ACBL for 25+ years until I retired and moved into a senior living community. At that time a new friend who I met in the new community persuaded me to start playing again. At that time I had only about 150 points. I formed several new partnerships and played at least twice a week for more than 20 years. I also played in 2 Nationals, about half a dozen Regionals and maybe a dozen Sectionals. Then COVID hit and all the live games were cancelled. So I've been playing – now 3 times a week – in BBO. This level – Ruby LM – I have wanted for a long time. It represents an accomplishment that I have relished. Hopefully someday soon we'll get past COVID and we can get back to live playing, which I really miss. Meantime I am also teaching bridge and have done so for about 20 years. I find the game fascinating – there's a lesson to be learned in every hand. When COVID is over I expect to be teaching again in the adult community where I'm now living.

Other than bridge, my life's story is not spectacular. I graduated from the University of Richmond, Va. (my home town) with a degree in Accounting. After service in the Army I worked for several well–known companies (IBM and AT&T) from which I retired in 1998.

I thank the ACBL for providing the structure for a game as fulfilling as bridge and congratulate them for the quick and innovative way you've partnered with BBO to allow players to play with almost no impact.

Sid Friedenberg

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