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Iceland was where our real bridge fun began! New ACBL Club Master.

Here in Iceland, was where our real bridge fun began!
My husband Neil, Birdi, me, and Jennie in Iceland - June 2019
February, 2021
By Karen Ikeda

Here is our story.

Pre–pandemic, my husband Neil and I went on a wonderful tour of Iceland. We had begun learning bridge, and I in particular, was very reticent about bridge since I have never been a card player of any sort. While on our trip, we became fast friends with two folks from Oakland CA, and spent days hiking, and evenings dining, with them as well as our overall Backroads group. The topic of bridge came up, as well as my reluctance in playing. They were bridge players and wanted to start playing together while on our trip! At the end of each long and wondrous day, after dinner and post–cocktails, we set up a bridge table and played together. Now, over 18 months later, my friend Birdi from Oakland and I play in an Alliance Bridge Club tourney every Wednesday! And my husband and I play together on other days, while continuing to learn more with Sylwia McNamara, our wonderful Bridge Deck instructor.


Karen Ikeda

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