Letter from a Player

New Diamond LM is passionate about youth bridge

Barbara Clark with Aaron Snead and two young players from Youth NABC
April, 2021
By Barbara Clark

Thanks Carlos for your kind acknowledgment of my accomplishment

of this milestone, Diamond Life Master. It is fulfilling to have achieved this goal with the help of so many bridge partners including Vijay Ahuja and earlier in my bridge career, Roger Nortman.

My passion and lifetime commitment has been to youth bridge. Therefore, featured with me are two gentlemen from a Youth NABC and Aaron Snead, one of our teachers in Orange, NJ.

With the support and commitment of District 3 and Unit 140, we have implemented successful programs since 2003. Our kids have participated in every

Youth NABC since 2013. These have been life changing experiences, not only providing the opportunity to interact with kids from all over the world, but to see the historical and cultural sites in every city visited.

I owe a debt of gratitude also to our bridge coordinators and to the ACBL Educational Foundation for grants which enabled us to sustain and promote our youth bridge program. I played regularly at Shrine Center Bridge Club, and at clubs in Teaneck, Ridgewood and Maywood. In addition to amassing master points, these clubs were sponsors for our bridge program.

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