Letter from a Player

Couple achieves Silver LM Status 49 years after embarking on the road...
May, 2021
By Karen and Ron Cane

The Silver Road

About 49 years ago my wife and I decided we would like to learn how to play bridge. We ended up at the Kissena Bridge Club in Queens, NY where we picked up the basics of the game. We collected a few points in novice games but we really did not have too much time to really get serious. We moved to New Jersey and played socially for a few years but again not anything serious.

After retirement we moved to an adult community and about the same time our now friend and director Ivan Greenberg also moved in and he started giving lessons to the community. Our small group grew to over 40 members. His lessons enabled us to go outside our community to compete in sanctioned games. We started playing at 4 different locations and found bridge players were more than willing to help new players and to share there knowledge whenever we asked.

When we reached the bronze level we thought well that's it. The next level is too many points away. Then came the pandemic and the discovery of BBO. I figured for the next year we must have played over 13000 hands. We got our points for silver but really miss playing socially at the clubs,

Ron Cane

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