Letter from a Player

New Sectional Master would love to play in person and to have a steady partner.
June, 2021
By Gail Connolly

Hi Carlos,

My dear friend Andrea talked me into taking a beginner bridge class in 2004 at the Upper Montclair Country Club. The teacher, Amy Nellison of The Bridge Table, was our instructor. She was terrific and she got me hooked. I signed up for classes at the Adult School in Montclair after that. I drove to Ridgewood to take more classes with Amy.

While in Montclair, I encouraged about 18 of my friends to take beginner classes with Charlotte. At least a dozen of these ladies still get together every Wednesday to play casual bridge.

I travel a fair amount so I haven't developed a partnership with anyone in particular yet. I play virtually with a friend of mine from Summit, also named Gail. I play with an excellent player virtually from the Black Canyon Club of Colorado. I spend a good amount of time in Telluride, Colorado.

I would love to have the same partner and play in person... one day. I would also like to teach bridge to younger people. I am thinking of contacting the Delbarton School, where my son went, to see if there is an opportunity to do that.

I am progressing with more complicated conventions. Puppet stayman, compressed Bergen, etc.

Such a great game, so challenging. I love it.


Gail Connolly

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