Letter from a Player

New Ruby LM started playing in college.

July, 2022
By Steven Siegel

My story

While I started playing bridge in college, mostly Chicago, I had not played for 45 tears when I retired and started playing again in 2018. I was surprised when the ACBL found I had 110 masterpoints from before. I did not have a regular partner until Essex Bridge Club in NJ put me together with Larry Gordon who also returned to bridge after many years. We were both willing to work on our game through reading and discussions. He became my regular partner and I have earned most of my masterpoints with him. We began going to tournaments and my preference was to play against the top players. I found that the many of the top players were both friendly and encouraging. My most memorable victory was for a fractional masterpoint when I was still a newcomer and I played with my mother, Lillian Siegel, who was 98 at the time and hadn't played bridge for 12 years. I love playing the game and hope to continue to develop my skills.

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