"This 'n That"
from the District 3 Director

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Dom Mancini Regional Master, February 2020
John Templin Junior Master, August 2017
Jeff Aker Emerald Life Master, August 2017
Steve Highfill Sectional Master, August 2017
Bette Eberson Life Master, August 2017
Pravin Shah Regional Master, July 2017
Satya Pabuwal Emerald Life Master, July 2017
Peggy Theiss Regional Master, July 2017
Marcia Teschner Sectional Master, July 2017
Rick Rosenthal Ruby Life Master, July 2017
Jim Reed June 2017
Dominick D'Ascoli Life Master, June 2017
Paul Douglas Life Master, June 2017
"THIS 'N THAT" by District 3 Director, Carlos Muñoz, June 2017
Richard Levy Junior Master, June 2017
D Alan (Zeke) Collins Sapphire Life Master, May 2017
Sherry Lieb by Sherry Lieb, Life Master, April 2017
"THIS 'N THAT" by District 3 Director, Carlos Muñoz, March 2017
Chorng-hour Yang Ruby Life Master, March 2017
Fred Shubert Club Master, January 2017
Jagdish Mody Life Master, January 2017