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by Bette Eberson | August 2017

Thank you, Carlos!  I am thrilled to have achieved my goal of Life Master.  I was happily surprised to see that I actually am a Bronze Life Master.  I started playing in tournaments, to work towards my goal, a few years ago.  I earned most of my needed points locally and had to travel sometimes to get gold points.  Little by little, the points were earned.  I was patient.....until I was 1.1 gold points from becoming a Life Master.  Then the pressure was on and I was getting discouraged, after 2 years of trying to get that gold.  Many times we were about 1/10th of a point out of winning gold and got red points instead. 

Finally, I decided not to be disappointed if I didn't win any gold at the tournaments.  I enjoyed playing with my partners, mostly Jim, and, at last we played really well and won EXACTLY 1.1 GOLD in Fairfield.  Each time I came to my regular Bridge Clubs, many would ask how I did.  I had to say... close, but no cigar... over and over.  It was akin to a Bridge family and they shared my disappointment and encouraged me to keep trying.  When I did make it, everyone seemed to know.  Bridge directors are making parties to celebrate my victory and fellow bridge players seem genuinely happy for me. 

Bridge affords everyone the opportunity to make many friends and is a wonderful pastime, both socially and intellectually.