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District 3 Finals

North American Pairs

October 9, 2021

You must score at least 50% in one of the qualifying games.

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D3 Unit Events
Unit 106 Sectional
Allendale, NJ

November 12-14, 2021
Unit 115 Sectional
Latham, NY

November 12-14, 2021
Unit 140 Sectional
Clark, NJ

December 10-12, 2021
ACBL District 3
There are more than 300 Units in the ACBL, apportioned into 25 geographically-defined Districts.  Each district has a representative on the ACBL Board of Directors.

District 3 serves eastern New York (except New York City and Long Island), as well as northern and north-central New Jersey. There are seven Units that fall within the District: 106, 115, 140, 156, 186, 188, 236
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